Professor Ding Jianmin visited Shaanxi Normal University and gave a lecture


On September 16,2019, Professor Ding Jianmin, Director of the American Studies Center of Nankai University, visited the School of History of Shaanxi Normal University and gave a report on the theme of The Exchange of British and American Medical Information from the Transatlantic Perspective from the 18th to the Early 19th Century for the teachers and students of the school. 

, The lecture was hosted by Professor Bai Jiancai, and teachers and graduate students from the School of History of Shaanxi Normal University attended.

Professor Ding Jianmin explained to teachers and students the carrier and process of medical information exchange between Britain and the United States under the transatlantic perspective during this period, and further analyzed how this information exchange closely connected many doctors and scholars on both sides of the Atlantic in the 18th century to build a medical public. 


Since the 18th century, with the development of the navigation and shipping industries, private mail and transoceanic postal express have expanded rapidly, which has promoted the continuous emergence of information exchange carriers such as letters, books, newspapers, and pamphlets, which are used for the exchange of transatlantic medical information. 

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Various medical techniques have also been spread from the UK to North America as they spread across the Atlantic, such as smallpox vaccination and vaccinia vaccination. 

During this period, the number of European doctors emigrating to the American colonies and the number of North American students studying in the United Kingdom continued to increase, which further promoted the exchange and dissemination of trans-Atlantic medical technology. At the same time, North America also realized trans-Atlantic reverse exchanges. 

As a result, there is an invisible medical public domain between the British and American medical circles. It is worth noting that this transatlantic medical information exchange also laid the foundation of the medical system in the early history of the United States.

Before the end of the lecture, Professor Bai Jiancai from the School of History of Shaanxi Normal University summarized the lecture. Professor Ding’s lecture enriched the medical knowledge of the students and learned about the history of smallpox and vaccinia vaccination in Europe and America; the transatlantic medical information exchange reflected 

It is the exchange of culture and the dissemination of information, which has promoted the dissemination and development of the entire human science and technology; Professor Bai also encourages students to dare to make bold assumptions when doing research, and to explore more extensively and in-depth.