Ambassador Wang Zhen visited the World Modern History Research Center of Nankai University and gave a lecture


On the afternoon of September 23, 2019, Mr. Wang Zhen, the former vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, the former vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Foundation for International Studies, and the former Chinese ambassador to Venezuela and other countries, Mr. Wang Zhen, visited the Center for World Modern History Studies at Nankai University 

, Gave a lecture titled Magnificent Waves and Brilliant Achievements-A Review of Latin American Diplomacy in Seventy Years. 

The lecture was hosted by Professor Dong Guohui, a full-time researcher of the base, and Professor Han Qi, the deputy director of the base, and more than 30 graduate students from the base attended the lecture.

Ambassador Wang Zhen first started with the sixteen-character guideline for diplomats proposed by Premier Zhou Enlai, “firm stand, familiar with policies, proficient in business, and strict discipline”, and summarized the four “far”, “rich”, “odd” and “beautiful” of Latin America. 

Great feature. 

Ambassador Wang Zhen then reviewed the seventy-year history of China's diplomacy in Latin America, focusing on China's diplomacy in Latin America, the main experience gained, and the current problems and prospects in the development of China-Latin America relations. 

Ambassador Wang emphasized the five characteristics of President Xi's guiding ideology for Latin American work, and pointed out that since the 21st century, China has entered a new era and China-Latin America relations have also entered a new stage. 

Finally, Ambassador Wang Zhen used his personal experience to tell the teachers and students about his exchanges with Venezuela’s legendary President Chavez, as well as the pains and joys of Ambassador Wang’s own diplomatic life, and expressed his sincere words to the young students present. 


After the lecture, teachers and students actively asked questions to the ambassador and received detailed answers. Ambassador Wang's profound knowledge and insights have benefited a lot from the teachers and students present.