Guo Xunchun gave an online lecture on transnational history of Japan-US Coordinated Diplomacy


From 10am to 12am on May 16th, Guo Xunchun, lecturer of the Japanese research team, a member of the base, held an online lecture on transnational history entitled The New Shikoku Bank Group coordinated Diplomacy with Japan and the US. The lecture was presided over by Associate professor He Jiangfeng from The School of History, Nankai University, professor Zang Yunhu from Peking University, Professor Ma Jianbiao from Fudan University, and Professor Ma Linghe from Anhui Normal University. More than 200 scholars from various universities and research institutions participated in the lecture. Guo Xunchun said in the lecture that the New Group of four Banks was a typical historical case for transnational history research, and its existence involved the national financial and diplomatic relations among China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and France, and it was a topic that needed to be fully studied in the study of modern History of China and modern history of East Asia. Since the United States and Japan played a major role in the existence of the New Shikoku bank Group, they carried out various diplomatic activities around the institution, which reflected the changes of the international environment in East Asia after the First World War and the real meaning of the so-called coordinated diplomacy between Japan and the United States. This lecture is an activity jointly held by the base and the members of the modern history research team of Nankai History College. It is the first academic activity in the field of transnational history in China, which has produced considerable influence in the academic circle and provided a new direction for the future work of the base.