Zhuo Li


Zhuo Li


Department: Japanese History and Culture Research Department

Administrative position: Dean of Japan Research Institute (2007.3-2012.11)

Degree/Title: Doctor of History/Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

Research direction: Japanese social history Japanese ancient history

Academic part-time job: Executive director of the Chinese Society of Japan, Vice President of the Chinese Society of Japanese History


From March 1978 to January 1982, studying in the Faculty of History of Nankai University, majoring in world history, and received a bachelor degree.

From September 1982 to July 1985, studying at the Faculty of History of Nankai University and received a master degree.

July 1985, graduated and stayed at school until now.

July 1987, hired as a lecturer at the Faculty of History of Nankai University.

December 1992, an associate professor.

1997, received a doctorate in history from Nankai University.  

December 1998, hired as a professor.

From 2007 to 2012, the Dean of the Japan Research Institute.


Current research projects and previous projects:

1993-1996: Research Project of the State Education Commission: Family Morality and the Road to Japanese Modernization


1995-1996: Japan International Exchange Fund Project: A Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Cultures


1996-1999: National Social Science Fund Key Project: A Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Family Systems


2003-2004: Japan International Exchange Fund Project: Research on Japanese Family Education


2005-2007: Korea Higher Education Foundation, Nankai University Asia Center Project: A Confucian Country Real Image of Japan-A Survey of Social History


2005-2008: National Social Science Fund Project: The Real Image of Japan in the Confucian Country——A Cultural Investigation from the Perspective of Social History