Xuan Liu


Xuan Liu

Title: Associate Professor, Graduate Tutor


Research direction: Japanese economic history, industrial economy


Department: Japanese History and Culture Research Department

Liu Xuan, born in August 1967, from Baoding, Hebei, PhD in history.


Associate professor of the Japan Research Institute of Nankai University, executive director of the Chinese Society of Japanese History, and director of the National Japanese Economic Association.Visiting researcher of the Policy and Culture Comprehensive Research Institute of the Central University.


1988, graduated from the History Department of Baoding Normal College.

1992, received a bachelor degree in history from Hebei Normal University.

2002, received a master degree in history from Nankai University.

In 2008, received a doctorate degree in history from Nankai University.


The main research directions: Japanese economic history, industrial economy, and content industry.


Monograph: Research on the Regulation of the Telecommunications Industry in Japan (Tianjin Peoples Publishing House, 2010),



The Dilemma of the Internationalization of the Japanese Content Industry, Economic Transition and the Real Estate Bubble: The Evolution of Japans Land Price Fluctuation and Its Enlightenment,

 The Institutional Analysis of the Post-Japanese Privatization Policy Process, International Comparison of Telecommunications Regulatory Reform, Re-understanding of Regulatory Concepts,

Comparison of Fiscal Investment and Financing between China and Japan, Property Tax Policy in Japan's Post-War Reform Period, etc.


 Management of Collective Knowledge: Knowledge Management Strategy of Japanese Enterprises and other works.

Research topics: Sub-project of New History of Japan, a major project of National Social Science Fund

Course taught: Japanese Economic History;

Japanese modern enterprise system and historical research methodology