Yuling Wang


Yuling Wang

Title: Lecturer


Research direction: Comparative research on ancient disasters between China and Japan; research on ancient disaster response systems in Japan


Department: Japanese History and Culture Research Department


In 2008, graduated from the School of Foreign Languages of Nankai University with a master degree in Japanese Language and Literature.

In the same year, went to Soka University in Japan to study at public expense for a doctorate degree.

In 2012, received a doctorate degree in history.

After graduating, stayed at Nankai University's Japanese Research Institute


Research field or direction:

Professional direction: Middle Age History of Japan

Research direction 1: Comparative study of ancient disasters in China and Japan

Research direction 2: Research on ancient Japanese disaster response system

The main research results




1. The death of the gods of the gods-Nara, Heian Era -, Shuangshi University Graduate School Minutes episode 31, December 2009.


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3. The Compilation Policy and Significance of Agatsuma Mirror Disaster Chronicles, Souji University Humanities Collection No. 24, March 2012.


4. The Disaster and Its Response in the Kamakura Era, Nankai Japanese Studies, September 2013.


5. The Development and Influence of Catastrophic Thought in the Era of Japanese Law, Research on Japanese Issues, February 2014.


6. A Brief Talk on Disaster Relief after the 311 Earthquake in Japan, Nankai Japanese Research, June 2014.


7. Summary of Studies on Japanese History of the Middle Ages, Nankai Japanese Studies, September 2015.