Yun Cheng


Yun Cheng

Title: Lecturer,


Research Interests: Post-war Japanese diplomacy, Sino-Japanese relations; post-war Japanese social changes, nationalism


Department: Japanese Political and Foreign Relations Research Department

Cheng Yun, from Ruicheng County, Shanxi, studied at the School of International Relations of Peking University from 2006 to 2009 and obtained a master's degree. From 2010 to 2015, he went to Japan Forensic University to study and obtained a doctorate degree. Main research directions: Japanese diplomacy, post-war Japanese nationalism.

Professional direction: international politics


Research direction 1: Post-war Japanese diplomacy and Sino-Japanese relations


Research direction 2: Social changes and nationalism in Japan after the war


The main research achievements:



1. Suzuki Zenyuki's Cabinet and China-Japan Relations, Political Volume of Thirty Years of Friendly Exchanges between China and Japan, Social Science Literature Press, November 2008.


2. Thoughts and Actions of the Right-wing in Japan after the War, Japanese Studies Seventeenth Series, World Knowledge Press, September 2012.


3. From Fighting Side by Side to Going to Opposition-A Study on the Process of the Japanese Socialist Party's Third Delegation to China, Japanese Studies 18th Series, World Knowledge Press, December 2013.


4. The Liberal Democratic Party's Japan-China Friendship Party and China's Liberal Democratic Party Work (1960~1961) China Studies Monthly, April 2014.


5. Political Mechanics of Japan-China Dispute-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pro-Taiwan Faction, and National Government (1963~1964) Minutes of the Graduate School of Hosei University No. 74, March 2015.


6. Breakthrough in the Three Principles of Weapons Export and the Overseas Expansion of Japan's Military Industry, Northeast Asian Journal, Issue 2, 2015.