Xunchun Guo


Xunchun Guo 

Title: Lecturer,


EMAIL: guoxunchun@sin


The main research directions: the history of modern Sino-foreign relations, the history of the Japanese army, and the history of modern Japanese military and political relations.

The main research achievements:

The side of the Tanaka cabinet's policy towards Manchurian Mongolia during the Northern Expedition, Republic of China Archives, Issue 1, 2017;


International Co-management Theory and Japan's Attitudes to China Around 1920, Shi Lin, Issue 4, 2017;


Research on the Manipulation of News and Opinions by the Japanese Army on China (1919-1928), Republic of China Archives, Issue 4, 2017;


The Position of the Japanese Army in China's Decision-Making in the 1920s and Dual Diplomacy, World History, Issue 1, 2018;


The Transformation of Sino-Japanese Relations Around 1924 and the Disparity of the Japanese Army, The Collection of Daito Asia Studies, March 2018;


  Taiping Combination, Arms Trade and Japanese Army's Policy to China, Research on the War of Resistance Against Japan, Issue 2, 2018.